Pronoun Agreement Quiz 4
Posted on: avril 9, 2022, by : admin

Pronoun Agreement Quiz 4: Test Your Grammar Skills

Pronoun agreement is a crucial aspect of grammar that can make or break the impact of your writing. Using the correct pronouns in a sentence is essential to ensure clarity, coherence, and credibility. Therefore, it is crucial to test your grammar skills regularly and ensure that you are proficient in pronoun agreement.

In this article, we present a Pronoun Agreement Quiz 4 to help you assess your grammar skills. This quiz includes ten questions that cover different aspects of pronoun agreement, such as singular and plural pronouns, subject-verb agreement, gender-neutral pronouns, and indefinite pronouns. So, let`s begin with the quiz questions.

1. Everyone should bring ___ own lunch to the picnic.

(a) His

(b) Her

(c) Their

2. The teacher asked __ students to read ___ book quietly.

(a) His, their

(b) Her, its

(c) Their, her

3. The athletes ___ running the marathon are all in good shape.

(a) Who is

(b) That are

(c) Who are

4. My friend and __ are going to the beach.

(a) I

(b) Me

(c) Myself

5. Neither my parents nor ___ have seen that movie yet.

(a) Me

(b) I

(c) Myself

6. ___ are going to the party tonight?

(a) Who

(b) Whom

(c) Whose

7. The cat chased ___ tail around in circles.

(a) It`s

(b) Its

(c) Their

8. Each of the students ___ for the test.

(a) Has to study

(b) Have to study

(c) Has to studies

9. The committee ___ to present ___ findings tomorrow.

(a) Plans, their

(b) Plan, its

(c) Plan, their

10. ___ are planning to go to the concert tomorrow night?

(a) Who

(b) Whom

(c) Whose

Now that you have completed the quiz, let`s go through the answers.


1. (c) Their

2. (a) His, their

3. (c) Who are

4. (a) I

5. (b) I

6. (a) Who

7. (b) Its

8. (a) Has to study

9. (a) Plans, their

10. (a) Who


Pronoun agreement quiz 4 is a comprehensive test that covers various aspects of pronoun agreement. It is essential to maintain proper pronoun agreement in your writing to make it effective and make your message clear. By taking such quizzes, you can improve your grammar skills and enhance your writing style. Therefore, take your time to study and learn from this quiz, and try to apply the principles in your future writing.